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Pray the Perimeter

A coordinated prayer drive around the state of Colorado

August 8, 2021

The Initiative

     Would you like to partner with Christians from all over Colorado as we worship and pray, seeking God’s presence, asking for God’s kingdom to come and His will be done on earth as in heaven?  The special prayer focus will be freedom for young people struggling with drug addiction, depression and anxiety. 

    We have the opportunity to shift the spiritual atmosphere!

   By having people each drive small sections of the state’s perimeter, we aim to create a prayer circle around Colorado.  God gives specific things “on location” that might otherwise be missed if we’re not there in person and in tune with Him, investing our time, energy and focus into something specific.


     The afternoon of August 8, 2021 folks from all over the state will be coordinated to drive a portion of the perimeter, ideally near their home town.  We especially need people who live near the border of the state who could drive approximately 30, 50 or 70 miles.   Sign up and choose from set routes or you can customize your own.  If you don’t live near the border, maybe you’re feeling led to take a little more of a “road trip” and travel to drive part of the border, or maybe instead you’d like to prayer circle your county, town, or even while walking your neighborhood or around your church?  We welcome all to get involved, however you are able.

More information

One afternoon.  Driving the perimeter of Colorado.

View the route around CO

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